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Glencore Xstrata International - a synergistic effect on the commodity market

The world market is preparing to debut a powerful new player in the mining environment — an international company Glencore Xstrata International. The organization with the «name» can appear as a result of the merger of the two industry giants: Xstrata and Global Energy Commodities and Resources Swiss company (Glencore).

The first of the above organizations specialized in the production of copper, lead, zinc and some precious metals, and also owns a stake in the Canadian company Falconbridge, mining, besides the already mentioned non-ferrous metals, nickel and aluminum. The second potential participant of the project — a large trader-supplier of raw materials and rare earth materials, and owns shares of stock in a number of mining and processing mineral resources enterprises.

If the union held (participants expect a vote of shareholders and the approval of the antitrust authorities), the organization will be serious competition for mining giants Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton (Australian-British concern), Norilsk Nickel (Russia), and Vale's (Brazil). A capitalization giant will be a record for this segment of the market the figure of $ 90 billion.

Earlier, the participants of the deal had already been partially affiliation — Global Energy Commodities and Resources for today belongs to a little over a third of Xstrata's assets. However, the merger opens up enormous opportunities sides — say the initiators of the project.

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