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Germany and Kazakhstan to cooperate in production of titanium, zinc, lead and precious metals

According to correspondents Deutsche Welle, last week between Germany and Kazakhstan, there have been new frontiers of partnership for the supply of raw materials Nedra RK rich in minerals, such as zinc, titanium, lead -. Are widely used in high-tech industry, as well as gold and silver. Official delegation headed by President of the Republic, Nursultan Nazarbayev, signed a package of documents, opening new horizons in the field of the extraction of these resources in Kazakhstan German companies. In return, the Government of Kazakhstan will receive a significant inflow of funds to be spent on modernization of the economy.

Germany is not rich in natural resources, but it is a major consumer of raw materials. So in the past few years, according to the commodity German agency, the amount of the country's purchases in this sector reached a performance approaching € 110 billion. Kazakhstan also has rich mineral wealth (of 118 known to science elements in the Republic of the Earth found 99 out of which are explored reserves of 70 and produces more than 60). 7 explored large deposits of titanium, more than 50 places deposits of lead and zinc deposits of the same amount, about 200 — more than 100 gold and silver deposits. But while the republic's leadership is interested in the inflow of foreign investment and in introducing modern technologies in the mining industry and in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, the cooperation between Germany and Kazakhstan is an excellent prospect for the economy of both countries.

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