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Rented "Crimean Titan" plants will be evaluated in March

Evaluation is not involved in the turnover of assets titanium companies — Mining and Volnogorsk Irshansk Mining, a contract for the rental of which the «Crimean Titan» was recently renewed, can be started as early as March. This was reported by representatives of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, on the initiative which was announced a competition to choose the property appraiser's organization combines.

According to the rules of the tender, published SPF, accepting applications from organizations applying for the right to conduct an independent evaluation of assets titanium complexes, will be carried out before the end of February. The very same contest will be held on 6 March. The budget of the complex of works on the assessment of property Volnogorsk MMC Mining and Irshansk State Property Fund is capped at 100 thousand. hryvnia.

Irshansky GOK is developing placer deposits of ilmenite (titanium ore) mines on Volodarsky Volyn region Zhitomir region. Volnogorskiy same plant produces resources Malyshevskoye tiitano-zirconium deposit (80 km. From Dnepropetrovsk). Both companies have been rented, «Crimean Titan» in autumn 2004, but at the expiration of the lease term in the 2009th, the government decided to abandon the extension of the contract. This turn of events did not accept the leadership of «Crimean Titan," which led to a series of trials in signing «settlement agreement» only in the current year.

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