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ZMZ has summed up last year for the production of titanium products

At the production association «Zubtsov Machine-Building Plant» summed up the results of work in 2011. According to the report, representatives of the company, during the period at the facilities of the plant produced more than 175 tons of ingots of titanium double and triple remelting and 17 tons of rods and welding wire in titanium and titanium alloys. At the same time of the full capacity Zubtsov Machine Engineering (which is two skull furnaces and one vacuum arc) it does not go: the potential of the company — 500 tons per year (titanium ingots) and 50 tonnes (the wire). However, the performance of 2010 has improved considerably, exceeding them by 30%.

In 2012 Zubtsov plant management plans to improve the performance in 2011 for the production of wire rod and bars up to 80%. The company plans to produce 12 months of this year, 240 tons of ingots of titanium and about 100 tons of bar and wire.

ON «Zubtsov Machine-Building Plant» was founded in 1979. Addition to the above products, the company produces casting aluminum alloys and ferrotitanium. More than half of all marketable products for export plant.

Last year the software sent to foreign buyers more than 2 thousand. Tons of ferrotitanium, taking the volume of foreign supplies of second place among Russian exporters of these products.

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