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YUSCO increases prices on stainless steel, Posco leaves them at the same level

Analysts Taiwanese steel company YUSCO (Yieh United Steel Corporation) believe that already in February stainless steel consumers will begin to actively replenish stocks of metal in their warehouses, and on the market, stimulated by this circumstance, finally, the long-awaited move. Thus, for the rise in prices on stainless steel, according to representatives of the corporation, now's the time, especially since the cost of the production process alloy metal in recent years significantly increased. Due to these factors, management YUSCO Adjust their own price lists for foreign supplies in the direction of increasing already for February: 30−50 US dollars per ton stainless steel series 400 and 250−280 USD for alloys 300 series.

Optimism Taiwanese steelmakers representatives of the South Korean company Posco is not shared. According to experts of the corporation, tangible fluctuations in the market with respect to raising consumer demand, it is not observed, therefore, there is no serious justification for raising prices for stainless steel metal. From warehouses Pohang Iron and Steel Company will continue shipping steel to the «old» price-list: at the level of $ 3140 per tonne of hot-rolled coil 304 and 3370 USD per tonne of cold rolled stainless steel.

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