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Specialists of Western Areas overestimated the volume of nickel ores at the Spotted Quoll deposit

Analysts at the Australian holding AreasWestern conducted a more thorough evaluation of mineral nickel mine Spotted Quoll (Western Australia). According to new data in the bowels of the deposit contains about 179 thousand. Tons of nickel. This is almost 80% more data than previous forecasts, announced the press service of the company in the fall (according to which of the Spotted Quoll ore mining company could extract a little more than 100 thousand. Tons of metal).

Even earlier (in March 2010) The total probable reserves of nickel in this field were estimated at 90.1 thousand tons -. 2.1 million tonnes of ore at an average metal concentration of 4.3%. Revaluation of the same resources showed a higher content of nickel in the rock (average 5.9%) and more extensive ore reserves themselves (more than 3 million tons of nickel-based rock a second production line area).

The final consent to the opencast development of the mine Spotted Quoll AreasWestern company received from West Australian Government in September 2009. According WesternAreas management, in light of the new information, the above field acquires the status of a world-class facility, and nickel production life from his bowels to increase significantly.

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