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Nickel Shearing and Upper Ufaleya got Highmetals KDS

In the nickel company «Rezhnikel» and «Ufaleynickel» found a buyer. The new owner of these companies is the company Highmetals KDS, representing, according to unconfirmed reports, the interests of the corporation Glencore International (Global Energy Commodities and Resources, Switzerland). The amount of the transaction with the former owner of the Urals nickel assets, Boris Zubitsky, representatives Highmetals not made public, however, market analysts do not exclude that the company could get all the new owners as compensation Industrial Metallurgical Holding debt.

According to previously published reports, the main cause of economic problems «Rezhnikel» and «Ufaleynickel» was the low profitability due to outdated equipment companies. However, while the price of nickel is high enough, the company managed to deal with the situation. But the price of the metal, dropped significantly in 2011, prompted the management companies of the Ural to the suspension of production and reduce staff.

According to the Highmetals KDS, the new owners have sufficient resources to modernize the production of nickel on the acquired assets. First and foremost, as reported by journalists, Alexander Timofeev, representing the side Highmetals, the company plans to invest in the construction of a new Mining nickel deposit at the Serov, the buyer pulled out together with the Ural factories.

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