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Stainless Steel Made In China: results of last year and forecasts for the future

Stainless steel produced by steel companies of China, in the last decade aggressively competes with the metal, issued by other manufacturers. According to data published by specialists International Stainless Steel Forum, in terms of global growth in stainless steel production (based on 2001−2010 -… Nearly 12 million tons) share about 90% belongs to Chinese steelmakers (about 10.5 million tons.). At the same time last year, in spite of the instability of the stainless steel market, China's steelmakers increased production volumes of corrosion-resistant metals by 11% (in comparison with the end of 2010), reaching a level of 12.5 million. Tons.

It should be noted that last year China's steelmakers for the first time faced with the difficulties associated with the excess of the rate of growth of manufacture of stainless steel over the rate of growth in domestic demand. The solution was found to increase the share of non-corrosive metal exports and reduce its imports: overseas deliveries increased by 46% to 2.25 million tons, while import volumes fell by 15%, reaching 900 thousand tons…

Experts predict that in the coming year, China's steel companies will overcome the bar for the production of stainless steel in 13.0 mln. Tons. Already before 2015, due to commissioning of new facilities (such as Baosteel Desheng Nickel and Jiuquan Iron & Steel), the volume of stainless steel production in China could reach annual figures of 20 million. Tons.

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