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Metal equipment is used in any production. Equipment for the plant, as a rule, is expensive, so it is necessary to take good care of and properly monitor it as long as possible to prolong its service life. Chemical treatment of the metal is the best way to protect metal parts from rust, from the negative effects of precipitation. Chemicals positive effect on the metal structure, improve its durability, extend the life of the equipment.

One of the most popular methods of improving the quality of the metal parts of equipment considered to copper plating. It is used as the top layer, which is applied to the other coatings. Copper is used as an intermediate for the subsequent deposition of chromium, nickel, silver or gold. Copper plating is very common in the manufacture of all products made of metal. It is used to make metal products with aesthetic appearance and preparatory to cutting work. The product of the metal copper, and copper salts are applied more often by the so-called method of electroplating.

Another method of protecting industrial products and components made of non-ferrous metals or steel — nickel. Nickel is able to reliably protect the surface of metal parts from friction and increase the service life of metal products. Nickel possesses qualities such as high chemical resistance, so it is nickel-plated hardware is used in the chemical industry. The nickel coating efficiently when the surface on which the nickel coating is applied, no pores. This can be easily achieved in the case when a nickel strike coating of small copper layer. To nickel coating was kept for a long time, it is desirable to apply not one but several layers.

Nickel-plated parts to neutralize the effects of high loads and dry friction, which are subject to certain mechanisms. In the production of clean sterile equipment and materials (medical industry) is also successfully applied nickel. The unique properties of the nickel allow its use not only in the medical industry — for the production of medical equipment, but also in the chemical industry. Yes, there is still a lot of methods to improve the quality and durability of metal parts and products. But for the machining of non-ferrous metals and steel products the most popular and effective are considered copper and nickel plating.

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