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Kola MMC will increase annual production volumes of nickel, copper and cobalt up to 9 million. Tons

Guide Kola MMC held a press conference at which representatives of the company spoke about the results of work in 2011 and shared their expectations and plans for 2012.

According to data provided by the participants of the conference, during the period of mining and smelting company produced 8.4 million. Tons of nickel, copper and cobalt ore production program by running at 100%. In the current same year, the management of the Kola MMC has planned to increase the volume of production of these resources up to 9 million. Tons. According to CEO, Sergei Selyandin, company Norilsk Nickel, which is a subsidiary of Kola MMC, prepared for this purpose a number of projects to increase production efficiency. Among other ways to improve performance of production assets, the general director said renewal of the equipment park: for this purpose the company plans to invest this year about 3 million rubles… «This is almost three times the amount spent by our organization for the same purpose last year, and we are confident that these trends we will be able to maintain in the future» — commented Sergei Selyandin.

In addition to investment-programs mentioned above, Kola MMC leadership announced its decision to invest in several projects whose aim — to improve the ecological situation in the territories controlled by the company.

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