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AVISMA Corporation is planning to increase the production of titanium in the third volume of 2011

Guide Verkhnaya Salda Metallurgical Production Association AVISMA — the world leader in the production of ingots, semis and rolled products of titanium and titanium alloys — plans this year, significantly increase the volume of output.

He told reporters on media Dmitry Trifonov — Director of Development and production planning of the corporation. «In the coming year we will have a difficult task: the plans of the company — an increase in output of titanium to the volume of 32.7 thousand tons… Previously, we have never approached such indicators. The situation is aggravated by the fact that a large part of the planned volume for the current year is the product of technically more complex than a simple cookie cutter «- commented on the management plans VSMPO Dmitry V.

In 2011, the company produced 24.6 thousand. Tons of titanium. Thus, the increase in output volume to a level of 32.7 thousand. Tons will be an increase equal to 33% of last year.
According to Director of Development and production planning, capacity corporations can significantly increase the existing figures for the past year (as for power plants and the availability of orders). However, failure to supply titanium sponge in the first half of the year limited the rate of production of finished products.
Recall that according to figures released in November last year, in the management plans VSMPO-AVISMA also means an increase in the annual volume of production of titanium sponge (in the next three years) to 44 thousand tons. Some text.

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