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Acroni in January, plans to produce products to 42 million. EUR

Guide Slovenian plant Acroni, specializing in the production of stainless, electrical and other special steels, plans to finish the month with record figures in terms of output. «According to preliminary estimates, prospects, in January, our company will be able to overcome the mark of 31 thousand tons of metal, which in monetary terms will amount to 42 million euros.» — Said the company plans steel plant director Slavko tubule.
On the whole, the prospects for the market of stainless steel and other special grades of metal in 2012, in terms of management Acroni, is also optimistic. In particular, the company's management expects to increase the profitability of production at 14−45% compared with the figures of 2011, in which the plant made a profit in the amount of 7 million euros. Recall that in 2010 the company profit amounted to only EUR 1.2 million. In the current year, due to the expected growth of stainless steel plate sales, expansion of product mix and cost-optimization of the budget, the income of the company will be at least € 460 million. (With a share of the profit of 8−10 million.).
Now the volume of sales Acroni for such a position as a thick stainless steel sheet, constitute about one-third of the total European market. In the current year, according to the director of metallurgical plant, the company has a good opportunity to increase sales of the metal in the US market, as well as for the development of the Chinese market, Korea, India and other countries.

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