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The Management Company "Titanium Valley" came to ITA

MC «Titanium Valley» has become a full member of the International Titanium Association (ITA). According to the company's management believes that this step is a landmark event inhistory project Special Economic Zone. Since this integration easy sposobstvuetbolee partnerships with numerous market operatoramiglobalnogo titanium belonging to the association, as well as with consumers etogometalla participating in events organized by ITA.

The management company will be able to enjoy all the benefits of membership vorganizatsii, including consulting with leading experts otraslikak in technical and marketing issues. In addition, as already upominalosvyshe, the organization holds regular thematic conferences and workshops, chtotakzhe promotes professional development of employees of the Criminal Code.

Another important industry event — the International Exhibition of TITANIUM, sponsored by the ITA. It gathers representatives of titanium otrasliso all over the world. This year's «Titanium Valley» has also taken part in etommeropriyatii, held in San Diego (USA) from the 2nd to the 5th of October. Participants visit the exhibition met with the benefits of the SEZ project, and its initsiatoryuvereny that such interaction will bring abundant fruits.

International Titanium Association — a non-profit organization created operatoramititanovogo market in the 80s of the twentieth century. The association includes more than 200 producers, distributors and consumers of titanium products from around the world.

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