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Today in Russia, comes into force a progressive increase of the export of nickel (2.118 thousand. USD per ton)

From that day on the territory of the Russian Federation will start to operate a new (progressive), the export duty accrued on the export of nickel from Russia beyond the countries-participants of the Customs Union agreement. At the current time allowance amount is 2,118 thousand USD per ton -. The rate is calculated on the basis of nickel prices in the III quarter of the calendar.

The relevant documents governing such a change, the head of RA government F. Vladimir Putin signed early last month. The changes were to come into force before the end of November, but the circumstances have delayed innovation. At the same scheme with the same nickel export rate was 1/10 of the customs value of the metal.

Required State fee for export of nickel is calculated according to the new scheme in the spring of this year (a Russian government decree signed on April 25, an innovation has entered into force in late May). Now, instead of a fixed tax rate export tax is calculated using a special formula based on monitoring the average cost of nickel on the London Metal Exchange at the end of 3 months. Regular quarterly payments will be conducted by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, and to send a proposal for the approval of the formation of the size of the export duty in RF Government.

Earlier it was reported that the tax on exports of nickel with Russia's WTO accession will be limited to 5%, and in another four years (estimated in 2016), this allowance will be reset at all.

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