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Rezhnikel again raised the issue of dismissal of employees

Manual P. O. Rezhnikel again raises the question of large-scale reduction of staff. Last week the management of one of the largest producers of nickel in Russia issued an order to dismiss more than half of employees (from 1,400 people without jobs will remain 833 employees). Recall that this year the company is not the first time reports of intentions to reduce the number of employees. However, earlier intervened in the situation the government of the Sverdlovsk region, promised to support the core enterprises of Dir.

The official reason for the reduction of staff Rezhnikel company's management calls fallen profitability: nickel on the international market has depreciated and the cost of its production is constantly increasing (from the price of coking coal and ending with the cost of rail transport). In such a situation to support the activities of the company management is not able to. Now employees of the company receive 2/3 of the average wage, however, according to Alexei copal, the Acting First Deputy Director General Rezhnikel, the organization funds depleted by the onset of the new year.

As a way out of the problem situation management software considered several options, which included the modernization of production and even the sale of assets to another owner. However, potential buyers are not interested in the Ural company (because of low profitability). A conversion of the enterprise capacity to more economical ways to smelting of nickel ore in the present financial situation is not possible.

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