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The advantages of stainless steel

The ability to quickly recover from strains positive highlights of the stainless steel its range of metallic compounds. To change the specific physicochemical properties of steel it can add molybdenum, nickel, titanium. The content of additives in the final product determines its mark, the right choice that will guarantee a long service life of steel products manufactured. The continuous increase in demand for high-quality durable materials resistant to corrosion, is light and easy ability to weld in all industries, explains the significant increase in demand for stainless steel.

Stainless steel favorably lifetime, when considering the full costs of life cycle, becoming the most expensive material in its lineup. For service of stainless steel products do not require special cleaning agents, should be fine household chemicals used in everyday life, then it will be enough to thoroughly wash the surface with water and wipe with a soft sponge without abrasive parts.

In carrying out her production of stainless steel products it may be the same manipulations as conventional steels, ie. e. cutting, welding, forming and supporting the simplicity and usability of the material.

Corrosion in a high acid content, inherent in many processing industries, have become characteristic of higher grade, with while varieties with lower rates may only be used in a normal atmosphere or the water environment.

The high strength of the material allows you to vary its thickness, facilitating the final product weight and significantly saving material resources of the customer. Particularly worth mentioning duplex and austenitic steels which retain strength even at low temperatures.


Hygienic use of stainless steel is not questioned. The lack of long ideal smoothness of the surface provides ideal opportunities for its quality disinfection and cleaning is needed in areas with high demands on sterility: health care facilities, food processing, catering, slaughterhouses, laboratories.

For fast-growing range of architectural delights stainless steel will provide a good aesthetic appearance, does not require careful maintenance. The tendency to self-cleaning surfaces permanently retain the attractiveness of the design and create a sense of novelty.

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