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POSCO expands the portfolio of assets in Central Africa

Metallurgical Company POSCO — a world leader in the production of stainless steel from South Korea — plans to build a factory in the Republic of Cameroon (Central Africa). This is just one of the projects Pohang Iron and Steel Company, sold in the global expansion of spheres of influence of corporations. Recall that in the company's management plans (reportedly an information resource SteelOrbis), increasing the number of businesses around the world up to 70 production units.

In the current POSCO owns the 41st now in 14 countries around the world and is constantly investing in the development of raw materials and production assets. So until the end of the year (as previously stated in his speech CEO of POSCO, Mr. Jong Yong Yang) only within the framework of self-provide raw material for the development of programs metallurgical company will spend about $ 627 million. And by 2013, the amount PohangIronandSteelCompany investment in proper extension overcomes the bar in $ 2 billion.

POSCO manufactures cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel coils, plates, wire, high strength structural, carbon, stainless steel, automotive and electrical steel grade standard API and other sorts of metals and alloys. Company products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world.

Republic of Cameroon — rich in minerals power. The state is the ore containing nickel, titanium, tin, iron, cobalt. There are also deposits of gold, oil and gas, there are bauxite, manganese, and other resources.

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