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Osaka Titanium technologies has been producing capacity expansion program Titanium

Japanese corporation OsakaTitaniumtechnologies completed the third (final) stage of the project to build production capacity of titanium sponge. Now the company can annually export to the world market about 41 thousand. Tons of this popular product.

As mentioned above, the production capacity program capacity OsakaTitanium key implemented in three stages. The first of these was completed in autumn 2008. Then the company broke the level of volume of manufacture of titanium in 32 thousand. Tons (an increase of 8 ths. Tons higher than pre-existing indicators).

Completion of the second phase of the project management OsakaTitanium planned for July 2009. At this stage the company had to increase the production of titanium to the level of 38 thousand. Tonnes. However, due to the global economic crisis, reduce the consumption of metal, OsakaTitanium management delayed the implementation of the second stage, which started only in August last year and finished in February. Immediately thereafter, the company started to translate into reality the final phase, implemented in December 2011.

Company OsakaTitaniumtechnologies (last SumitomoTitanium, even earlier — OsakaSpecialSteelManufacturing) — one of the world leaders in terms of production of titanium sponge. The organization is based in the Japanese city of Amagasaki (Hyogo Prefecture), and its products are in strong demand in the developed world.

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