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Annual growth rates of production of metallurgical industry Russia does not overcome the bar at 5%

In the steel sector of the Russian Federation on the basis of the current year experts RIA-Analytics does not expect significant changes in the dynamics of production on existing indicators (according to three quarters) trends. According to them, the production growth in 2011 will not overcome the five percent benchmark in comparison with last year. To such conclusion experts of the Center for Economic Research Agency came as a result of studying the data on the level of production of the Russian companies in the period from January to September 2011, the nickel, steel, titanium and titanium products, copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum rolled products. The general public was able to get acquainted with the views of experts RIA in a recent newsletter, «Metallurgy: trends and forecasts. The results of 9 months of 2011 «.

According to data published in the publication mentioned above, the level of zinc production in Russia for the 3rd quarter decreased by 0.9%, while primary aluminum production — by 1.8%. The volume of manufacture of nickel remained virtually unchanged (+ 0.1%), steel pipes were produced by 18.4% more (primary steel only 3%, copper — by 0.3%), titanium and products from it — by 20−30% more.

The average for the steel sector increased by 5% during the reporting period, and, as mentioned above, the analysis of the industry's work in the current quarter is likely not affect the total annual figures. To align with the pre-crisis volumes of output metallurgists Russia 4.6% is not enough.

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