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FAN "Rosnedra" sold the license for the production of titanium in the area Nizhnemamonskom

«Rosnedra» — the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use Russia — has implemented a license authorizing the development of titanium on Nizhnemamonskom mine in the Voronezh region. Rights to mine the precious metal received little-known company «Invest Expo.» In addition to this organization on the active titanium claimed LLC «Novatreyd» but the successful bidder offered a substantial sum single payment that, according to the rules of the auction, and determined the future of the site owner. The final transaction amount Rosnedra not reported, but known figure at which bidders have started — that's 7 million rubles in increments of trading in 10% of this amount.

Nizhnemamonsky mine is located in close proximity to the southwest foot of the hill Kalach (in Mamonovka River Valley). Exploration of titanium deposits in these areas is carried out from the middle of the twentieth century. According to the protocol NTS Tsentrnedra number 21 from 07.06.2010 year, estimated resources of placer titanium deposit are category P2 12.7 million tons.

The right to use subsurface resources in the license area of ​​114 km. sq. It will be provided to the management of «Invest Expo» for 25 years, during which the company will carry out the exploration and extraction of placer titanium. Commissioning of the mining companies in the area Nizhnemamonskom must take place no later than 1.5 years after the state registration of the license.

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