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The deposits of titanium and zirconium in the mine were not in demand Tarski

At the end of this month, employees of state property management in the Russian sphere of subsoil planning to hold an auction lot which is the right of zirconium and titanium mining in the Left Bank area of ​​Tarski's mine. However, the event will have failed to recognize: the end of the deadline was not a single applicant for purchase. At Tara zircon-ilmenite placer mining operation on the resource have been conducted since 1992. In November 2005, on the left-bank part of the deposit was created by mining and processing enterprise, specializing in the production of zirconium-titanium-containing sands by SRS (hydraulic borehole) .Predlagaemye the development of the mines contain 1.36 million. Tonnes of ilmenite (titanium ore for its oxide, ferrotitanium and other derivatives) and 232 tons of zircon (ZrSiO4 -. the source of the mineral to produce zirconium). It was assumed that the right to develop the field will be transferred to the winner auktsilna 20 years. The starting price of the lot was 81 million. Rubles. According to representatives of the media head of the regional department of state property management in the mineral resources Andrei Maximov, a decision on the future of the Left Bank area of ​​Tarski's mine will be made in spring 2012.
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