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build a new plant in the Perm region for processing of titanium sponge

Salda Metallurgical Production Association AVISMA Corporation plans to build in Berezniki, Perm Territory line processing of titanium sponge. Corporate management decided to locate new facilities in the shop number 31 (in place of the dismantled equipment this year, previously used for injection molding of magnesium and aluminum alloys).

As planned by the management corporation, a project to build a new line of titanium production will be realized within three years, and the documents required for the initial design, have already been signed.

Share VSMPO AVISMA in the production of titanium sponge is approximately one third of the world total. Semi-finished product produced at the facilities of the corporation, is used to further melting in the rental: titanium billets, slabs, punching, Inker rings, plates, sheets, tubes and other products.

Construction of new lines for processing of titanium sponge is one of the key points of the company's investment program, which received the working title of «44,000 tons of titanium.» According to preliminary estimates of analysts corporation, at such annual production of precious metal AVISMA will come out in 2015.

In earlier reports of an investment company's press center in 2011 — 2016's, featured information about what the company management Verkhnyaya planned to invest in the development of titanium production during this period of the order of 1 billion US dollars.

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