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Ukraine: approved export duties on ferrous metals for the FTA countries

The official website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued the contract, which regulates the country's relations with the States parties to the Agreement on free trade area (FTA). Among other points, the document specifies the size of the export duties on the export abroad of steel and nonferrous metals. So in 2012, the export duty on ferrous metal, stainless steel, ferro-alloys, titanium, aluminum, nickel, tin, zinc, tungsten and ceramic metal (including articles and scrap) will be 21% .Nalog on export of goods groups listed above is tied to the size of export duty, acting in Ukraine with respect to WTO member countries. This is regressing rate, decreasing with increasing length of stay in the country among the States Parties to the World Trade Organization. Ukraine joined the World Trade Organization February 5, 2008. In the first year of membership for the state export tax was 30%, in 2009 — 27%. Past and current years tax calculated at the rate of 24%, and the next, as has been said above, will be 21%. In the subsequent (2013 th and 2014th years) export tax will be 18% and 15% respectively. According to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn, the share of the country's trade turnover with the CIS countries is about 40% of the total volume of foreign trade. And the entry powers in the FTA will increase the gross domestic product of Ukraine in the 2.5−3%. «And this is an additional 10 billion hryvnia to the terms of the state budget» — said the speaker of parliament.
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