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Ufaleynickel signed a contract worth $ 47.7 million.

Management Joint Stock Company «Ufaleynickel» signed a contract with the company «ALPICOM SA», registered in Switzerland for the supply of a large batch of granulated nickel. According to the agreement this month metallurgical company will supply their own production to the amount of 47.7 million. US dollars. JSC «Ufaleynickel» among the top three among nickel producers in Russia, the company's share in global sales volumes of the metal is about 1%. The organization has a strong industrial base, which allows the company to cover the entire nickel release cycle, from raw material extraction to the production of finished products. Capacities «Ufaleynickel» allow the company to produce about 15 000 tons of the precious metal annually. Besides granulated nickel, the company produces its oxide, and specializes in the production of cobalt and its compounds. Earlier it was reported that the JSC «Ufaleynickel», a member of the Moscow Industrial Metallurgical Holding, in response to falling stock prices for nickel was on the verge of stopping. Another nickel company owned by the same group of shareholders («Rezhnikel» plant), in November, partially reduced the production of: stopped by two furnaces, the workers sent to a forced leave with pay two thirds of wages.
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