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Industrial exhibition at the VVC, dedicated to non-ferrous metals, will open November 15

Less than a week remains before the start of the largest international forum dedicated to the steel industry. The event will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre under the now traditional name «Metal Week in Moscow», and the first of the events, waiting for guests of the forum will be the opening of the industrial exhibition «Metal-Expo 2011» .Uchastnikami exposition, which will be held in the pavilion № 75 OCE, will become the industry leading enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. The event will be on display products of 650 companies from 30 countries of the world. The production of titanium at the show will present Verkhnaya MPO AVISMA. Copper production will be presented by the men of Ai on the OCM, the Moscow Society TsvetKompleksMetall TD, as well as the Ukrainian PAO «Artyomovsk plant for non-ferrous metals processing," the company «Balkhash ZOTSM» (Kazakhstan) and other enterprises. The aluminum sector will present the production and distribution of the company «Alfa-Metal», Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Works, Inc. Stupino MK, Zubtsov machine works, SC «RUSALIT», «Promtsvetmet» and other organizations. Zinc production will exhibit «Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant» .In the exhibition «Metal-Expo 2011» international forum guests are waiting for the exposition «MetallStroyForum'2011» (construction steel), «MetallurgMash'2011» (equipment and technologies for production and processing of metals) and other activities.
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