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Stainless market forecasts for 2011 and 2012

In October and November, stainless steel sector of the global steel industry under the influence of the relative prospects of the nebula is behaving cautiously. Some Asian companies are a part of suspended production and reduce the volume of investments in development (resort to such measures, for example, Baosteel Stainless from China, Japan's NSSC, South Korea's Posco) .Lvinaya share of stainless steel producers around the world, trying to «catch the wave» decline in nickel prices, flexibility to adjust its own price lists, further reducing the cost of the already discounted the metal. Only in recent weeks to reduce prices for stainless steel rolled according to the American AK Steel and Taiwanese Yusco, China Taigang Stainless Steel and Germany's ThyssenKrupp, the above-mentioned Japanese company Nippon Steel and Sumikin Stainless Steel, a Finnish manufacturer of stainless steel Outokumpu and the Spanish company Acerinox. Despite this market situation, analysts are predicting a record level of production of stainless steel entire 2011 year-end and a smaller volume of alloyed metals in the coming year. Such an opinion was expressed by the British intelligence agency of the MEPS. According to their calculations, in the world this year will produce 32.5 mln. Tons of stainless steel, which will improve performance by 4.5% in 2010. And in 2012 — 34.8 million tons… Similar figures for the current year, and experts have announced an international research company InternationalNickelStudyGroup. They believe that in 2011 the volume of the world production of stainless steel will stop at around 32 mln. Tons.
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