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OOO "Urals Nickel": economical way to patented extraction of metal from oxide ores

Company «Uralnikel» Experts patented method of extraction of nickel from oxidized ores, thereby expanding technology that allows to significantly reduce the cost of the production process (in comparison with traditional pyrometallurgical method). Through the introduction of hydrometallurgical methods of production, the cost of tons of nickel is reduced by 2−4 times. This allows the steel company, mastered the technique to extract valuable metal with excellent profitability even from the slag heaps of mining and metals and ores with low content of nickel. Management believes that the «Urals Nickel», the introduction of leaching technology (namely on this principle is based patented method of production) can breathe new life into many businesses domestic nickel industry, suffering from the global reduction in price of nickel and the lack of convenient for the development of mines with a high metal content. If the development in this direction will state the scope, «Uralnikel» will annually deliver to customers 100 — 200 thousand tons of nickel and residents of the region will provide about 10 000 jobs. Developments in the field of hydrometallurgical methods of nickel mining companies are specialists for several years: the first patents (and they are already there 26) copyrights were issued in 2001. According to representatives of «Urals nickel» and other scientifically proven methods of economic extraction of valuable metals from ores with low content in the country does not exist.
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