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Combining stainless steel giants Japan

According to data published on the official website of the Japanese steel company
Nisshin Steel, the organization initiated the process of combining its own assets
assets of the corporation Nippon Metal. Tuesday, 15 November, the heads of both companies
(Toshinori Miki and Hiroshi Yoshimura) entered into a basic agreement of intent
sakkumulirovat resources into a single holding company. These actions will allow management
organizations to create Japan's largest stainless steel production. This will
enterprise, which can fully meet the demand for brand-doped
internal customers and rapidly move to leadership positions in the world market
stainless steel.

The process of combining assets, according to company representatives, will be completed in
October 2012 (after the final approval of all matters with shareholders and
obtaining permits from the antitrust authorities

In the opinion of management Nisshin Steel and Nippon Metal, Japanese stainless steel
metallurgy sector in recent years, is experiencing a severe test. Blame
that increased competition in the global market, promotion of import
materials, as well as falling demand for alloy steel among buyers
the internal market. Consolidation of assets will help improve the future of the enterprise
the competitiveness of Japanese stainless steel against cheaper products
major manufacturers of other Asian countries.

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