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Nitinol (nickel-titanium alloy with unique properties) will be produced in Russia

On the basis of Electromechanics soon begin industrial production of Nitinol — the alloy of titanium and nickel, with unique properties. metal has a so-called «memory effect»: if the product out of it to give a definite form, and then produce a certain heat treatment (annealing), — exactly the alloy «remembers» the place bends. Thereafter, the product can be deformed (nitinol is very plastic) in any manner, but upon heating to 70 degrees, the shape of the article reversed exactly back to its original configuration. At the same time develops an enormous effort — up to 55 tons per square cm 6.4516… Details section. In addition, the alloy is resistant to aggressive media and is not subject to corrosion, even in the most challenging operating conditions. The unique properties of an alloy of nickel and titanium have been discovered in 60 years of the twentieth century, American scientists at the Laboratory of Marine Artillery USA (NOL). Even before their own development, and led the Soviet inventors, LA G. and G. Handorson Kurdyumov offering their versions of a metal with similar qualities as early as 1948. However, more or less extensive use of the properties of nitinol was found much later. Today, metal is used in fields such as medicine (for the manufacture of orthopedic devices and systems), dentistry (braces to correct the altered occlusion), as well as space and military technologies, fire safety devices, protection at nuclear power systems, robotics (as artificial muscles), and in other industries. In Rossi will be the first of Electromechanics enterprise producing nitinol.
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