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Jinchuan Group Ltd. reduce the cost of refined nickel to $ 20.25 ths. per ton

Steel Company Jinchuan lowers the bar for the price of refined nickel to record the fall of 2009 marks. The new price of refined metal will be cheaper by $ 470 US to $ 20.25 ths. Per ton. Jinchuan Group Ltd. — China's largest company based in Gansu province (north central part of the country). The company is a strong producer of non-ferrous and precious metals: nickel, copper, platinum, cobalt, gold, palladium, silver and selenium. In terms of nickel release in the Asian region, the company occupies a leading position: Jinchuan power still in the pre-crisis period allowed to annually produce 150 thousand tons of refined metal. According to previously published data, the company's management plans included nickel production capacity to the volume of 200 thousand. Tonnes by 2015. However, according to prevailing opinion of the experts today the situation in the nickel market may make management of the corporation adjust their own forecasts. As for the issue of copper Jinchuan Group Ltd. among the top five producers in China: the volume of the annual output of the red metal on the company's capacity before 2009 was 400 thousand tons, that company management in the next 2−3 years is also planned to increase — up to 600 thousand tons due to the acquisition of certain assets is… China.
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