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The Federal Customs Service of Russia has published data on exports of nonferrous metals

FCS of Russia has published data on the volume of export of non-ferrous metals overseas for the first three quarters of this year. According to the service, the export volume for the first 9 months of 2011 far behind the data for the same period in 2010.

In particular, the most significant decline in export volumes experienced copper sector: in the period from January to September were exported abroad 102.9 thousand tons of refined copper… This is more than 70% below the 2010 year. Not much better things with the export of unprocessed nickel. During the reporting period, according to the Federal Customs Service, the export volumes of the metal reached a little more than 116 thousand. Tonnes. Prior to last year's results the volume of foreign supplies of nickel «nedotyanul» exactly one third. In Russian aluminum, in contrast to nickel and copper, the demand of foreign consumers, though slightly, but increased. In January — September 2011, the export of «winged metal» was 2.5 million tonnes (which is more data in the same period by 2.4% last year)… The recalculation of the cost, the volume of foreign trade of aluminum increased in comparison with last year's results by 22.1%, reaching the amount of $ 5.4 billion on copper and nickel -. Dropped by 61% and 21%, respectively.

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