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Japanese manufacturers have lowered the bar prices for stainless steel

Steelmakers Land of the Rising Sun are concerned about the increase in imports of stainless steel in the domestic market. As an action against the status quo, the Japanese producers of metals alloyed practiced another decline in prices for stainless steel. In particular, the company has continued to the September dynamics reduce the cost of special steels and announced additional cost reduction of nickel to $ 130 per tonne for October delivery to customers of the domestic market. According to statistics, the consumers of stainless steel in Japan during the current year, brightened, and indicators of demand for this metal show tangible progress. Especially noticeable positive dynamics of stainless steel for grades, purchased automakers. However, due to the changing rate of the yen against the dollar, but also because of a permanent fall in prices for nickel and chromium, the «old» pricing of Japanese steelmakers turned out to be ineffective. This is well illustrated by the statistics that affect this segment of products as stainless steel bars: in the first six months of 2011, Japan imported 14,756 tons of rolled products. If, based on the figures for the year, this figure will exceed last year's volume of imports by 20%.

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