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VSMPO Titan Ukraine: published data for 9 months of work

Since the beginning of this year and up to September 2011 (inclusive) Ukrainian unit AVISMA titanium released about 227 tons of titanium tubes (about 286.5 thousand. Meters of production). In comparison with the same period last year, VSMPO titanium Ukraine decreased production volumes by more than 33.5%: 342.6 tons of titanium tubes were produced in 2010 in the capacity of the company for 9 months (613.2 thousand meters of production.). In particular, titanium seamless pipe produced by hot deformation, this year Nikopol showed better results: 26.4 tons (compared to 25.2 tonnes last year). A seamless pipe made by cold deformation, VSMPO titanium Ukraine produced for the first 9 months of this year, 200.2 tons. This is almost 37% less than last year, when at the facilities of the plant from January to the end of September was released 317.4 tons of titanium tubes of the brand. The founders of the «VSMPO titanium Ukraine» is the Russian Joint Stock Company «VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation» and Swedish JSC «VSMPO titanium Scandinavia.» According to data published on the website of the company, power plant described above can produce about 700 tons of titanium tubes per year. Last year, the Nikopol production plant for 12 months amounted to about 489 tons of seamless tubes of titanium alloys. In the same year, if the dynamics of the last 9 months continues, the annual results of the company will fluctuate in the mark of 300 tons.

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