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ThyssenKrupp Materials summed up the results of fiscal year

The division of German group ThyssenKrupp AG, is engaged in sales of black and stainless metal, knock out the results of its own activities in the past financial year. According to data released by the press service of the Group, ThyssenKrupp Materials sales for the period amounted to more than 310 000 tonnes of rolled products, which more than last fiscal year by 40%. The amount of the company's revenue grew by 55% Referring to detailed reports, the increase in sales figures of German companies has been more progressive in the stainless steel sector. Sales for the nickel-metal grades have exceeded last year's sales by 50%. While the sales of black rolled metal — by 38%. ThyssenKrupp AG Management plans to further strengthen its own position in the alloy steel market. The next year, according to representatives of the company, stainless steel rolled can be purchased in any of the divisions of ThyssenKrupp Materials. ThyssenKrupp AG — a group of industrial companies, formed by the merger of corporations Friedrich Krupp AG Hoesch-Krupp and Thyssen AG. The company occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of alloy steel in the world market thanks to a wide distribution network has established partnerships with customers in 160 countries.

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