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Experts ISSF published statistics on the volume of production of stainless steel in the world

The global stainless steel market continues to develop in the spirit of the positive trends of the last year, but the volume of production of metals in this category is growing at a slower pace. Thus, according to statistics released by the International Stainless Steel Forum, in 2010, steelmaking companies in the world increased their production of stainless steel in comparison with 2009 by 24.9% (reaching a record high of 30.7 million. Tons). In the current year (according to the results of the first two quarters), the joint efforts smelted 16.4 million. Tons of stainless metal, which exceeded the figures of the first half of 2010 by 3.8%.

ISSF Analysts note that the most positive indicators for output growth showed producers alloyed metals from Eastern and Central Europe. Steel companies in the region produced 199 thousand. Tons of stainless steel (which is better than last year 22%). It is noteworthy that the countries of Asia (excluding manufacturers from China) slowed the pace, this year they regress in comparison with the data of 2010 is 3.1%. Chinese steelmakers as the first two quarters have produced 6.2 mln. Tons of stainless steel, which is 13.5% more than last year. Nevertheless, the share of Asian steelmakers of the total (global scale) output of stainless steel is about the same as last year: about 64−65%.

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