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Nickel is in surplus, however, declining stocks

According to previously published data «WBMS» International Bureau of Metal Statistics, in the first half of 2011 the apparent consumption of nickel has exceeded last year's level by 83 thousand. Tonnes. However, despite the increased demand, the producers of this metal have time to meet the needs of consumers and the global nickel market remains in surplus. But lately, the difference between the level of supply and distribution reduced. According to recent figures «WBMS», a surplus of nickel on the world market dropped to 900 tons. Recall that last year in mid-fall (according to the results of research «International Nickel Study Group»), the global market oversupply of nickel ranged from the level of 7.7 thousand. Tonnes. By the way, in early October, experts of the Research Centre published its forecast on the state of the nickel market this year. According to them, the volume of production of this metal will be 1.6 million tons, and the consumption level -. 1.57 million, which will lead to oversupply of nickel in the amount of 30 thousand tons… In 2012, the projected «International Nickel Study Group» this market will also remain in surplus: in addition to already operating projects, increase nickel output is planned commissioning of new facilities for the production of this metal. According to the company, expected next year, the level of supply of nickel will be about 1.74 million. Tons, while consumption of 1.67 million. Consequently, a surplus of 70 000 tonnes.

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