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construction of a new plant is planned on the basis of "Central" titanium deposit

At the largest titanium deposit «Central», located in the Tambov region, planned to create a Russian-American joint venture for the production of paints based on titanium dioxide. The license for the development of deposits of this mine belongs to the «VSMPO-AVISMA," which in the joint venture will present the Russian side. On the part of the United States will take part in the project company «DuPont» — one of the leaders of the world market of chemical products. At the moment, the creation of the enterprise is under study prospects. And if the project is yet to be implemented, the government of Tambov region promises to provide all possible support to the parties.
Titanium-zirconium deposits «Central», a member of the three largest deposits of titanium in the world, was explored in 1959. According to the Agency for Subsoil Use of the Russian Federation, its share is about 5.5 mln. Tons of titanium dioxide. A GOK, which will be built on the basis of the «Central», will be able to supply raw materials for titanium production capacity, «VSMPO-AVISMA» for several decades. At the same time, mining resources in the field, according to the British company georazvedchiki «Howe international ltd», can be carried out by open method, which greatly reduces production costs.
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