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Mechel commissions the cost range of the production of nickel alloys

In the industrial base of the plant «Southern Urals Nickel» running pilot-industrial complex processing of nickel ore by smelting in an electric arc furnace DC. Capacity of the new unit is 12 MW and the project complex will annually produce about 4.5 thousand. Tons of commodity ferroalloys with 20% nickel content. Thus, according to the press center of the company, Southern Urals Nickel Plant will be able to significantly reduce the processing costs of ore to increase the percentage of extraction of metal per ton of raw material and 5 times to reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Earlier it was reported that after the test of the new furnace, the company will begin construction of further units — complex with a capacity of 90 MW. Plant modernization program, implemented by the leadership SUNP, will eliminate the metal smelting in the end in the blast furnaces, ever solving the problem of emissions of sulfur dioxide and minimizing pollution by other harmful substances. Electric furnace for «Yuzhuralnickel» designed by specialists from South Africa: employees Bateman Engineering BV The total project cost was more than $ 40 million Joint Stock Company «Southern Urals Nickel Plant» has a share exceeding 1% of the world production of nickel… The company is part of the company Oriel Resources Ltd. (UK), which unites all the ferroalloy assets of «Mechel» group.
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