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Crimean Titan to double the amount of raw material release

The Government of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the leadership of Group DF, headed by businessman Dmitry Firtash, came to an agreement on expanding capacity CHAO Crimean Titan. In the near future, according to the press service of the company, the decision will be legalized, and the company will begin construction of the line III titanium dioxide production. With the commissioning of the new plant, raw material volumes will increase the release of more than 95% from its current level of 105 thousand tons per year to 200 thousand tons… According to preliminary estimates, the expansion of production will take 2.5 — 3 years, and investment in the project will be about 220−250 million USD… In addition to discussing the issues of building III plant for production of titanium raw materials, at a meeting held between the leaders of Group DF, and acting head of the Government of the Republic of Crimea Paul Burlakov, the parties discussed the issue of development of city infrastructure Armyansk for which a titanium plant is the city main. Firtash has expressed willingness to invest in part of the social projects of the city. According to preliminary data, about 200 million hryvnia will be spent on the needs of the Armenian and among the priority areas — the reconstruction of utilities of the city, as well as repair of the social (kindergartens and schools) .Chastnoe Joint Stock Company «Crimea TITAN», established in 2004 year, today occupies a leading position in the list of producers of titanium dioxide in Eastern Europe and owns a well-functioning distribution network, providing sales of products worldwide.
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