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The company has published DSS results of the September operation

Zaporozhye producer of special steels and alloys of PJSC «DSS» has published data on the volume of output in the past month. According to information announced by press service of the company, at the facilities of Dniprospetsstal 34.8 thous. Tons of metal it was released in September of this year. This figure is 9% less than achieved Zaporozhye metallurgists in August. The volume of shipments of finished goods fell in September, less tangible: from the production «DSS» was sent to the shops in the reporting period to 23.9 thousand tons of rolled steel, which is only 3.3% less than the results of the previous month… The total value of products produced by the in the 9th month, amounted to USD 455.5 million, while a month earlier the figure was 491 million Since the beginning of 2011 the volume of production of PJSC «DSS» positive dynamics is observed:… The number of produced on the capacity of the plant steel increased by 14.9% compared to the same period last year. Hire company this year released a 16.3% more than last year results. The history of PJSC «BCA» — leader of the Ukrainian internal market of special steels — dates back to October 1932. The company produces a wide range of special grades of metal, including stainless and bearing steel, heat-resistant varieties and construction of metal, tool and high speed steels. The company is constantly expanding its distribution network in the world market of special steels, and today its products are in demand in more than 60 countries.

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