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State Property Fund of Ukraine is suing CHAO "Crimean Titan"

State Property Fund of Ukraine has filed a lawsuit to recover from the private joint-stock company «Crimean Titan», included in the group of companies Dmitry Firtash, the amount exceeding 130 mln. Hryvnia. According to the initiator of the process, CHAO fund owes 117 mln. Hryvnia for rent Volnogorsk mining and metallurgical and Irshansk mining and processing plant. Another 13 mln. UAH. in the documents sent to the Kiev Economic Court, appears as a penalty.

Earlier, the head of Ukraine's State Property Fund Oleksandr Ryabchenko repeatedly made statements about the illegal exploitation Volnogorsk MMC and Irshansk GOK «Crimean Titan». «This company has been working without a lease and virtually nothing does not list the state as a fee for the use of plants, referring to judicial delays and the price issue — about 7 million UAH… per month «- said in his comments.

Recall that the term of the lease «Crimean Titan» plants mentioned above ended in the autumn of 2009, and the government chose not to renew the contract. Volnogorskiy MMC and Irshansky GOK had to pass under the control of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine. However, the «Crimean Titan» has filed a series of lawsuits against the State Property Fund, which is why the process of returning the leased enterprises under state control has stopped.

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