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The European steelmakers are practicing segregation of stainless steel sector

Manufacturers of special steels and traders who sell these types of metal, wary: the traditional autumn awakening of stainless steel in the European market after the summer lull has not happened. And although the event the demand for alloy metals develop in a more optimistic vein (in comparison with the «crisis» 2008), in general, on the stainless market reigns the spirit of uncertainty and business activity of buyers is characterized by «short» transactions without shopping «for the future.»

European producers of special steels have begun to restructure their own businesses in the desire to optimize the structure of its business model. In particular, the leadership of the Spanish steel company Acerinox, stainless disposing of assets, not only at home but also in South Africa and the United States, decided to establish a separate European subsidiary. The new company will be named Acerinox Europe, and it will include a number of steel service centers in Spain, as well as the plant for production of stainless flats in Campo de Gibralta (province of Andalusia).

Such measures will resort management and metallurgical companies from Germany ThyssenKrupp (the world's largest manufacturer of high-alloyed steels). Group Management carries stainless steel and nickel sectors of its business (in Germany, USA, Mexico, Italy and China) into a separate company. Structure receive Inoxum name and will specialize in the production, processing and distribution of corrosion resistant metal.

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