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Leading operators of the Russian aluminum market will boost demand for its products

December 22 RSPM (Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers) held a regular meeting, during which the sides discussed issues relating to the series of measures to stimulate demand for aluminum and products made of it.

The participants discussed in detail the key points of the program, aimed at promoting the products of aluminum. According to the meeting of the speakers, this can be achieved in several ways. First and foremost, it is about promoting product sales of the «winged metal» through publications in the media and by means of constant participation in local exhibitions.

The participants of the meeting considered a priority task for the peer reviewed studies of consumer qualities of the different products (eg, window designs, packaging and other products). In their opinion, the products made by aluminum alloy, has good prospects. In particular, to focus on their application in the production programs of the military-industrial complex, car building, and in the segment of the modern construction market.

Also, the results of the industry were announced in the course of the meeting this year. Participants of the event clearly indicated a positive trend of the aluminum market: the volume of output in 2010 reached the «pre-crisis» levels, and even exceeded it for some types of products.

Recall that the RSPM, created in June 1997, combines more than five hundred companies from the areas of production, processing and consumption of metals. According to experts, members of the Union of Suppliers are responsible for 50% of the market of the metal market of the Russian Federation.

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