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Copper prices on the «Commodity Exchange» reached record levels

December 27 at the Mercantile Exchange COMEX (US) cost of the red metal has conquered the historic boundaries to $ 4.2985 a pound. Other global exchanges also observed a constant increase in copper prices, which encourages experts to make a very optimistic forecast for industry manufacturers.

The global market for copper supply deficit of weighty suffering now. The main reason for the rally in copper prices is rapidly recovering demand for the metal, making offers of market operators do not have time to meet all existing needs. So on the «Exchange» reduction of the metal stocks was 38% (from February 2010). According to data provided WBMS (World Bureau of Metal Statistics), only the first 9 months of this year, a shortage of red metal was more than 110 thousand tons. In the coming year, according to Barclays Capital analysts, copper deficiency may reach 824 thousand. Tonnes.

According to Nicholas Snowdon, vice president of commodity markets of Barclays Capital, in the III quarter of 2011 the price of copper could reach $ 10 thousand. Per ton. However, according to experts, if the red metal reserves will be reduced to levels 2 — weeks of consumption, prices «will go to the mountain» on the parabola.

This view is shared by other analysts. According to Commerzbank experts, the price of cuprum the end of 2010 will reach $ 9,500 / ton. Limit of 10 000 will be overcome by 2012, and at the deteriorating situation with the supply, this mark will be subdued in the coming year.

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