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Happy Year 2011

New Year in a loud knocking on the house!

Gives joy, smiles, love!

We are now having fun together

And like rabbits hrumkat carrots!

Let sadness will remain in the past,

Next skipping fun

Year of the rabbit is a good —

In this there is no doubt!

Suppose that on each card today

The snow as the sun shines!

Let loved ones give a smile,

A rabbit’s health will bring!

Today, the magic happens

To visit us little white rabbit priskachet,

When it strikes twelve on the clock.

He will bring with them warm, good luck.

All the coming year will guard

From hatred, evil eye, impatience.

Small animal, we will feel and understand:

Will leave sadness, doubts dispelled.

A past wrongs — not a hindrance!

And, wishing everyone in the new year of love,

Big wins and sincere laughter,

It settles under the Christmas tree. Do not wake!

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