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"Russian Copper Company," sums up results of 2010

The company «RMK», part three of the leading Russian producers of refined copper, summed up the work for the current year and shared predictions for the next — 2011

So in general, experts' Russian Copper Company, «noted an increase in revenue in 2010 to more than 75% (in comparison with the results of 2009). According to their forecasts, the total amount of «come» means this year will be about $ 1.45 billion., While the volume of output will exceed 173 thousand tons. Net profit of «Russian Copper Company Limited» more than $ 76 million. Compared to $ 102.4 million. Loss in 2009

The following year, «Russian Copper Company» plans to produce 182 thousand. Tonnes. Copper products, which by the most conservative assumptions (for prices of copper in the range of $ 6−7 thousand. 1 m) is $ 1.55 billion. In fact, market analysts predict the retention of copper prices (over the next three years) is below $ 7,500 per tonne, which is confirmed by today's quote of the metal in the region of $ 8 thousand. ton. However, the experts of «RMK» confident that, even if prices in the 6−7 thousand (and current level of demand for copper), the company will easily cope with the task of maintaining a sufficiently high level of profitability (around 24−27% by EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Tahes, Depreciation and Amortization).

Recall that the «Russian Copper Company», operating in the market since 2004, owns a share of the Russian market equal to 19% and a share of about 1% of world copper production market.

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