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Russia will begin development of the largest deposits of copper

Russian miners resources may soon begin development Udokan copper, which, according to experts, is waiting in the wings about 20 mln. Tons of non-ferrous metal.

The most conservative estimate, only copper (parallel to the enterprise will be able to extract silver) amounts for the project, equal to $ 170 billion should be reminded that the world's leading exchanges for December copper prices fluctuated in the marks 8700 (London) -. 9700 (Shanghai) $ per ton.

The field will be developed by «Russian Technologies» company in tandem with holding «Metalloinvest». As reported by Economic Information, «Itar-Tass," currently on the corporation sodeystviyu razrabotke, proizvodstvu and eksportu vysokotehnologichnoy promyshlennoy produktsii «Russian Technologies» is in talks with «VEB» banks and «VTB». It is about lending the project: first field development in the Chita region, an amount equivalent to 300−500 million US dollars… This staff of «Prime-TASS» agency said Sergei Chemezov, the head of the state corporation «Russian Technologies».

Udokan copper deposit is one of five of the largest undeveloped mines on the planet and is the leader among all the storerooms of the raw materials in Russia. Deposits of copper-bearing ores of the deposit account for nearly 2/3 of all copper reserves R. F. In addition to copper cathode, which the company will be able to produce more than 40 thous. Tons per month, parallel to Udokan deposit developers plan a monthly extract about 23 tons of silver.

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