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Titanium market: companies are increasing production

In 2009, demand for titanium dropped a few (mainly due to decreased activity of aircraft manufacturing enterprises that are customers of 39% of the metal). Now the needs of companies in these products demonstrate confident growth trend, and, according to market experts (as reported in the news agency Roskill), with the advent of the new year, demand for titanium will grow by an average of 6% per year.

One of the operators of the market, the Russian company VSMPO — AVISMA Corporation (the world leader in the manufacture of titanium) in three years plans to produce more than 45 000 tons of products per year. This news has shared with reporters MA Voevodin, CEO of the company.

In the pre-crisis forecasts, the Corporation VSMPO — AVISMA, collaborating with world leaders in aircraft manufacturing (Boeing, Snecma, Airbus and other aerospace industry-leading businesses), planned to achieve these production volumes back to 2012-th year. However, the economic difficulties of 2008, that touches all industries, adjusted the volume of consumption of titanium and led the company's management to reconsider timing of the project.

The next revolution in enterprise development can serve as the creation of special economic zone in the Sverdlovsk region (SEZ) Titanium Valley. The project has already been approved by the majority of instances, and after approval of the Russian Federation Government Office and the Ministry of Justice will be able to bring to the regional budget of about 170 billion rubles in five over the next 20 years.

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