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Forecasts for the global tin market prices

Analysts «Commerzbank» (second biggest German bank assets) suggest that by the end of 2011 the cost of tin on world markets would be approximately $ 30,000 per ton. Experts predict that this will contribute to the deficit, which by next year will be about 25 thousand. Tonnes.

Such assumptions may well be a reality: Tin was the first non-ferrous metals, which exceeded the price highs «pre-crisis» of 2008. Compared to February 2010, when they were recorded the lowest prices for the metal, its cost has increased by more than 70% by the end of the year and continues to be kept at at about $ 26 thousand. Per ton. At present tin deficiency in 23 th. Tons (according to analysts «BNP Paribas»), the trend towards higher prices will continue.

Today, world production of metal stannum is about 360 thousand. Tonnes per year. Major operators of the market — China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. In addition to these countries, significant deposits of tin in Australia and South America. And many of these countries experience difficulties with supplies. In particular, this is expected to decline in metal production levels in Peru and Brazil, may decrease the volume of supply of the Congo. Overestimates the volume of tin mining in the smaller side, and some Indonesian companies (although the government has a more optimistic point of view).

With that in comparison with the beginning of this year, stocks on the stock stannum warehouses have declined by 40%, forecasts «Commerzbank» analysts may be absolutely fair, and the situation in the world tin market can only get worse in the near future.

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