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On the trends of aluminum market in December of 2010

Leading analysts of the world, carefully watching the market for non-ferrous metals are revising forecasts about the market value of aluminum in the coming year: in their opinion, the previous results of the calculations were too pessimistic and need to be adjusted.

So experts Barclays Capital believe that the average cost of aluminum in the coming year will be $ 2,500 per ton, whereas earlier forecasts figured figure $ 2250 / t (which is 10% less).

It is obvious that one of the factors that led the analysts once again take up the calculators is today's pricing behavior: at the turn of November and December on the LME (London Metal Exchange) cost of aluminum fluctuated near the mark of $ 2,400 per tonne. What, in general, once again underlines the positive dynamics of prices continued in the last two years after the first quarter of 2009 were recorded record low price (less than $ 1,300 / t.).

Recall that in 2010 the demand for the lightweight metal showed steady growth, which experts attributed to the stabilization of the economy in the countries of the Asian region, as well as in the United States and Germany. In these states, active mechanical engineering industry, automotive, and many companies producing consumer goods, which provoked an increase in demand for aluminum.

In general, according to analysts, demand for metals in the 2011th year may significantly exceed market expectations. This is partly due to the fact that the company next year will begin to replenish strategic reserves, spent at an earlier stage (when economically disadvantageous metal prices forced the company to operate only their own inventory).

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